This Untold UBER Driver's Creepy Story Will Surely Give You Chills in Your Sleep!

We have heard a lot of scary stories that circulates around not just the internet, but to the whole world. There are various stories that made us hold our bladder and stopped us from going to places we want to go.

Aside from myths, stories of ghosts are even more marketable, because it creates a lot of scaring not just for kids, but us adults too. This time, another story of ghost came rapidly viral on social media after a famous transportation mobile app that gives you a convenient ride to your destination by calling out a cab for you personally.

This UBER driver's creepy story is not yet confirmed to be true or just a made up one, but it could give you a reason to stay up all night.

  Everything could happen in this world, but everything will just stay as story until we were the ones to experience it.

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