Viral Now: Kristina Jackson Offers Herself as Budget Meal!

Only a few weeks after how Iphone scandal gone viral on social media, where the girl offers herself to a married man for an Iphone 7. Now, photos of an unidentified lady providing a cheerful price range meal have shocked the net group on social media.

A girl named Kristina Jackson had been going viral on social media because of her Facebook post  “Promo/Happy budget meal rate” with her body covered only with a blanket that got the attention of the internet community. 

Her photos have been circulating in social media, as her ‘budget meal’ is not something that you can buy or eat in a fast food chain or “Carinderia.” Facebook user Human Side posted her photos scheme.

In her post, Jackson's her sexy promo that she is offering is lovemaking services with different promos and prices. She also includes in her post the do’s and doesn’t of her special promo. But she also post that her sexy promo cannot avail the boys anymore, because it was only from November 3 to December 20, 2016.

The post of Human Side had been circulating the social media, there are lot of netizens questions the action of Jackson.

Source: TNP

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