Viral Now: The Ultimate Fvckboy Revealed After His 3 Girlfriends Unites!

There are lots of secrets that have been unveiled in social media. Just like this man who got busted after one of his three girlfriends, revealed him to netizens how irresponsible he really is.

Louise, one of the girlfriend of JV Alamodiente, name of the guy, posted a picture of JV and some of her conversations with his the other girls. According to her she thought that she is the only girl in JV's life because JV was always excited to see her and has intimate relations with her.

She thought that he's really the serious type of guy, because JV also introduced her to his family, but she wouldn't know that there are more girls who also got introduced to his family. She wouldn't know that this guy have a lot of secrets if it wasn't because of the other girls. 

She posted some of their conversation of the other girlfriends, which include that JV's another girlfriend is pregnant. Lousie warned the netizens that people like his boyfriend JV shouldn't be tolerate and be careful.

Source: Facebook

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